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Welcome to my blog.

My name is Michael McGuinness, I live in Castlebar, Ireland and I am therapist specialising in the treatment of anxiety. Unfortunately, anxiety is a very misunderstood problem with unhelpful advice often being offered on the internet and by those counselling anxiety sufferers. Much of the time the advice offered can make the problem worse for those receiving the advice. My goal with this blog is to provide guidance and strategies that can make a real difference in the lives of anxiety sufferers.

The Fast Panic Solution

After many years utilising the traditional approaches to panic attacks, I discovered an approach that would transform my effectiveness as a therapist. This approach is a counterintuitive method that finds its roots in the work of Claire Weeks, Dr Victor Frankl and later of Eckhard Tolle.  I was able to bring my understanding of the subconscious mind to bear on the method, and in so doing I created a UNIQUE in-clinic treatment program.

I have helped people with the program who lost their freedom to live carefree lives due to panic attacks. The program is so successful that I decided to make it available as an online program which I called The “Stop Panic Attacks” program The online program has achieved similar results to those achieved by my private one-to-one clients.

While the METHOD my online program is the best method to help sufferers break free from panic attacks, it calls for bravery and it may not be appropriate or successful for everyone. 

I HIGHLY recommend the program, it gives anxiety suffers the best chance of success. Here is a link to discover more about the program.