Rejection and panic attacks

Everyone experiences rejection. The most successful, intelligent and good-looking people get rejected at some stage.  If we don’t recognise our worth, the world mirrors that, and we meet people who don’t see our worth either.

The pain of rejection is inevitable. We are hard-wired to feel pain when rejected, it is how we stay alive. Once we get through the disappointment and look at the truth of the situation, we will find the opportunity leading us to freedom and our self-worth and we lose the fear of rejection. Trying to be something we’re not just to get acceptance from others is essentially rejecting ourselves.

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Stress can lead to panic attacks

When we feel highly stressed, we should take measures to deal with the stress as it can lead to different physical and emotional problems, panic attacks are one possible outcome of excessive stress

Our emotions are signals to us that there is a problem in our ability to cope with the demands of life, they help us avoid certain situations, etc – in other words, they are our friends, even though it may not seem the case.

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Worry and panic attacks

The is an old saying that goes like this “if it won't happen there is no need to worry and if it happens there is is no point in worrying, you just have to live with it if it happens – worry will not change what happens”.

Worry is the running of horror movies about the future in your mind. If you keep running those movies you get a false picture of life. Your picture of life is distorted. You tend to focus on the negative facts, you don't see the full picture.

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